Complimentary Dessert

I think it is always important to compliment people when you can. Maybe if people spent more time just talking to each other and telling each other what they love about them then less friendships would end and less relationships would split and less hearts would break. People get caught up in titles but sometimes forget to appreciate the actual person. A compliment has so much strength. It has the ability to hold together two hearts and to save a life. Even just getting a compliment from a stranger can make a persons day. It’s like ordering dinner and getting a complimentary dessert. The other person has no reason, no benefit in complimenting you but they do it anyways and it makes you smile. Compliments go a long way. 🙂


One thought on “Complimentary Dessert

  1. Your Fan~ says:

    AHHHH I love this <333 so true, omg free dessert is like the best thing in the universe 😛 well written, ur such a talented writer! All ur blog posts are awesome 🙂 it's been so long since u last posted anything but I hope you see this comment and write more ❤

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