Imaginary Worlds

A lot of people complain about how nothing exciting happens in their life, that there’s no adventure and they’re always bored. I’ve definetely done it too. Lately, however, I’ve learned to make adventure in my own life and just have fun. When I’m bored I pretend the floor is lava and start jumping from table to table. (Don’t quote me on this I know someone could get hurt.) Then there’s hills of snow behind a school I walk by and when I have the choice to go down to the paths or climb the hills I climb the hills and pretend they’re mountains. Just small things, taking an imaginary world into real life, makes life all the more worth it. That’s the beauty in writing, the love in movies, the life in paintings. They’re all just imaginary worlds and stories twisted into beautiful words and images. So why can’t I just make my life one beautiful imaginary world?


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