I tried to think of a metaphor to describe that feeling of impending doom and this is what I came up with :
Nothing exists anymore. Even your anxiety is purely a figment of your imagination. You did this to yourself silly girl. You did this to yourself. Look around, no one else seems to be aware that the walls are closing in, nobody else sees the ghosts circling your head, nobody else knows your demons. The scariest thing is that our minds do not end. This is where our disabilities lie. This is where our capabilities die. Nobody else sees the storm raging, nobody even flinches. Your eyes forget to be a window to your soul, your tongue to be honest, your body forgets to be your own and becomes a stranger. The storm worsens and your body becomes incapable of containing the mess of water and debris. They need a way out, they need release, so your eyes forget to be walls and become waterfalls and pour and pour and pour and everything ends in this impending doom that takes over. This is your fault baby girl.


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